The services we offer

Dressing rooms, workrooms, protocol rooms, press and VIP rooms

Dressing rooms, workrooms, protocol rooms, press and VIP rooms.

Availability of design elements, furniture and additional setting for dressing rooms, protocol rooms, VIP rooms, waiting rooms, make-up rooms, production offices, press rooms, presidency and presentation tables.

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Cloackrooms and lockers

Cloakrooms and lockers for any type of event, any number of people, small, medium or large events.

We can offer the complete service, including professional personnel or only the necessary structure to carry out the service.

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Structures and tents

Rental and assembly:

  • Sumescal and Layer platforms, with our own material to assemble the size that the event requires, at the corresponding height, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Installation of walkways.
  • Backstage using truss structures.
  • Pipe and Drape in white or black at different heights.
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Stand assembly and carpeting

  • Production of modular and design stands, including carpeting and lighting.
  • Carpeting of facilities.
  • Modular walls to make enclosures, exhibitions and various events.
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Audiovisual equipment, light, electrical networks and data

  • Rental of audiovisual equipment, light, electrical networks, and data:
  • Rental of any audiovisual equipment for your event, including technical personnel.
  • Assembly of electrical networks with certification.
  • Assembly of data networks.
  • Rental of computer equipment, printers and multifunction photocopiers.
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Advertising structures

  • Production and installation of vinyl of any size and format.
  • Production and installation of small and large format banners.
  • Realization of corporate image in foam, forex, etc.
  • Rental of banners up to 7.00 m. Tall.
  • Making and installing banners for streetlights.
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